Reduce Eye Strain- Sleep Better


F.lux [Windows, Mac Linux] is a MUST HAVE program on any and all computers. No exceptions. It is the ultimate tool for mitigating eye strain, which is a bigger concern than most people realize and can cause computer fatigue. After long periods of computer use, do you ever get:

  • Dry, itchy eyes
  • Teary, watery eyes
  • Eye twitches or spasms
  • Double vision
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea

If so, you’re likely straining your eyes. One of the main causes of computer-related eye strain is a monitor that’s too bright with respect to ambient lighting. You may need a bright monitor when the sun is out, but that same brightness is too much when night comes around.

F.lux automatically adjusts the color temperature of your monitor according to the time of day. During the day, the monitor is bright. During the night, it dims and turns a slight shade of orange, which is better for your eyes. Because of this, It works and I highly recommend it no matter who you are.

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20 Websites to Have Disposable Email for Free


There are indeed many free disposable email services that allow you to create a temporary email address . So what do you think is disposable email ? Now when ever you browse through Internet forum or say a social networking website it requires you to give your Email address and after that we know what happens .
Promotion,spams,million dollar fake scams and these days its too common . So you should indeed even have the knowledge to identify fake email and some times you can identify a Fake Email by just looking at the domain after @. Like my Email address) .

So disposable email is just a temporary email for security purposes and the purposes it can be used are indeed many but here brief it down to security purposes .

And if you are even tired of giving your email address to every forum or community you come across then following websites will surely help you to be a little tension free .

1. Dispostable

2. Mailinator (My favourite )


4. Spamfree24



7. Jetable




11. Guerrillamail



14.Fakemailgenerator (Must Try)


16. Spambog

17. Incognitomail

18. Spamgourmet (Requires Sign in )

19. E4ward (Requires Sign in )

20. Gishpuppy

Well that is all for disposable Email Address but here is a caution don't use it for websites which send password verification directly to your inbox .

Tip- Always choose a email address that other could not dream of taking it . It should be complicated like it could be your name with your roll no and this email will always have emails that you want because no other person could choose the same combination as you selected .

Final Words
I have always enjoyed these disposable emails because while browsing there are indeed a lot of websites I never want to give my email to . So hope so you even find it useful .

All your suggestions and feedback is always appreciated

How to add non-Store/Sideload apps to Windows 8


Adding custom non-store apps to Windows 8 is something that does not get talked about a lot. Microsoft  will prefer that Windows 8 users  get their apps from the Windows Store integrated into the operating system and not through third party means. There are however a few scenarios where you may need to add apps directly to the start page without using the store to do so.

App developers for instance need to test their applications before they submit it to the store, which means that they need to have a way to to do on a live system. But that is not the only scenario where this may make sense. Depending on Microsoft’s store policies, certain kinds of apps may not be listed in the store.

Also,system administrators may want to block Windows Store access on the network but deploy specific apps on some or all of the devices of the network or you may just want to play with Windows 8 having full control over it.

How to sideload apps in Windows 8

Windows 8 needs to be prepared before you can sideload apps. The first thing you need to do is enable “Allow all trusted applications to install” in the Group Policy. Keep in mind that the Group Policy is only available in Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise, and not Windows 8 or Windows 8 RT. Users on those systems can change a Registry setting instead.
  • Tap on the Windows key, enter group policy, switch to Settings on the filter on the right, and load the Group Policy on the system
  • Navigate to Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > App Package Deployment
  • Double click Allow all trusted apps to install
  • Switch the setting to enabled and click ok.

This sets the value of the 

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Appx\AllowAllTrustedApps Registry key to 1. If you do not have access to the Group Policy, change the value in the Registry directly for the same effect.

The two other requirements are that the app needs to be cryptographically signed, and that the computer the app needs to be installed on trusts the signing certificate.

If that is the case, apps can be installed with the following Windows PowerShell command

add-appxpackage C:\app1.appx –DependencyPath C:\winjs.appx

The file app1.appx is in this case the app that you want to install, and winjs.appx the dependency.

Additional information about the process are available on Technet.

How to access Facebook on any mobile without Internet


Facebook users can now access Facebook on any mobile from anywhere without Internet or any data connectivity. Fonetwish, an USSD based interactive service provides access to Facebook even on mobile phones without browser.

Fonetwish provides all the major features of facebook like status update, wall post, friend requests, notifications along with the above fonetwish provides push notifications an innovative new feature by which your facebook notifications are pushed into your mobile handset automatically as and when they are generated.

How to use it?

Dial *325# from your mobile handset. Enter your username and password. Once done you can now view news feeds, notifications, update status, post on walls, manage friends, chat with them. Dial*325*76# to get Birthday reminders.

To use these features you have to pay a subscription charge of Rs.1/day for unlimited usage(updating your status is free). You will be asked to subscribe when you use the premium features. To unsubscribe you have to dial *325*22# from your mobile handset.

There is a character limit of 140 characters and the service is provided by all major operators such as Airtel, Aircel, Tata Docomo, Idea, Videocon and Loop mobile in India.

You can also use the Facebook app to activate the service.

How to enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP


If you have several computers on your network and would like to see the computers on your network, Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP to speed this process up. NetBIOS allows computers to be seen by name on your network. Enabling NetBIOS allows your computer to find other computers in your network (Network or Network Places).

To enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP on Windows 7:
  • Click Start, and then click Network. (click Start, type ncpa.cpl into the search box for Windows 7 or Vista, hit ENTER).
  • Click on the Network and Sharing Center
  • Click Manage Network Connections.
  • Right click on the Local Area Connection select Properties.
  • Select Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  • Click the Advanced button under the General tab.
  • Click the WINS tab.
  • Click Enable NetBIOS Over TCP/IP.
  • Click OK and Exit the settings.

Search Files and Folders Ultra FAST!!!


I am not an advocate of the indexed file searching capabilities that is built into windows(if you have lots of files then it actually can cause your PC to work slow).

The beauty of UltraSearch is that it does not rely on an index, instead it relies on locating files (and folders) by using the master file table (on NTFS partitions). As a result, the search results are ultra-fast.

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How to Hide in the (Network) Neighborhood


Don't want your XP/7 computer to show up in the network browse list (Network Neighborhood/My Network Places) to other users on your network? One way to accomplish that is to disable file sharing. To do this, click Start, right click My Network Places and select Properties. Right click your local area connection and click Properties. Uncheck the box that says File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks. Click OK.

But what if you want to be able to share folders with some users; you just don't want everyone on the network to see your computer's shares? There's a way:

Click Start and select Run.

In the Run box, type net config server /hidden:yes

Click OK.

Now others who know the UNC path (\\computer name\share name) can connect to your computer's shares from the Run box, but it won't show up in the network browse list.

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